Colourised Vintage Photographies

In this premium poster collection section you will find historical colorized vintage photos. The photos are colorized and restored by the artists Baptiste Pierre and Julius Jääskeläinen. Together, they have have done over 1000 high quality restorations and colorizations. Bringing back history to life. It is not just adding color it's much more..

  • First of all the photograph is restored to erase the damage of time. Scratches, marks and other embedded dust will be digitally erased to restore the image to its original state.

  • Next comes the research stage. Historical research is essential so that the colorized image is as faithful as possible to what the subject may have been when it was taken. Photographic colorization is not intended to be a mirror of reality but an interpretation based on meticulous research work. This research can be as much about the details of a military uniform as it is about the hair color of a person appearing in the photograph. The more the results are numerous, the more the colorized image will approach reality.

  • Finally, colorization can take place. Using photographic retouching software and a touch pad, the colors will be carefully applied to create the illusion of an original polychrome image.

Those photografies are one of a kind and WorldWarEra are super happy to have the opportunity to work with such gifted artist.  #framehistory