We now offer frame + framing when you buy posters and wall art from us at WorldWarEra. We want it to be as simple and smooth as possible when you order posters from us - when you receive your package, it should be framed and ready to hang on the wall. Perfect when you want to give away a poster as a gift - framed and ready, or when you have better things to do than working with passe-partout or mat, pruning or such like.
We arrange for your vintage posters to be ready for the wall!

We now initially have a basic range of either white or black wooden frame with acrylic glass.
At the moment we can not offer frames for the size 27,56″x39,37″ (70x100 cm),but we hope to solve this soon.

See pictures and more info about the frames below.
To order frame + framing, select the option that suits you when you buy the poster: "With frame (framing included)" then select color Black or white.

Black Wooden Frame-11_8inX16_5in_ 30X42 CM A3- PHOECO
White wood frame A3 - PHOECO 861
Wooden frame - 11.1″ x 16,54″ (30x42 CM) A3 - PHOECO 840 - available in Black and White

Get a little closer to nature with PhoEco-840. Made of real natural wood with black frame moldings.
Note the very narrow edge dimension that the frame has. It is the smallest possible and is very popular - especially in the Nordics (nordic design).

The depth of the plexiglass is 1 mm.
An environmentally friendly front glass that is produced color-neutral. Therefore, a slight gloss of greenish color can not be seen, as with other types of glass.
An advantage of the front glass is that the light penetration is 78%, so the light distribution of the subject is sharp and even at all edges.
The plexiglass glass has 48% UV blocking.

ribba black wooden frame in different sizes
Ribba White Wood Frame 19,68in x 27,56in 50x70cm
RIBBA - Wooden Frame - In colors Black and White
and in Sizes;
8.27″x11.1″ (21x30 CM) (A4),
11.1″x15.75″ (30x40 CM),
19.69″x27.56″ (50x70 CM)

This frame has beautiful straight lines and is available in different sizes, fits perfectly for a vintage poster wall. The front protection of styrene plastic is secure and does the design justice. Can be hung horizontally or vertically to fit your space.

Fibreboard, Foil
Front protection: Styrene plastic