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What is propaganda

Perhaps a well-oiled and cleverly marketed collage of information and advertising? Facts and information and advertising is relatively clearly defined and easily identifiable instruments.

The Forces forcing citizens to accept the manipulated truths by means of three forms of media influence: more or less manipulated factual information, advertising and propaganda.

During World War two, posters were widely used in propaganda purposes. Their effect became immediate and strong since they in a very clear way mirrored the intentions, goals and purposes a nation's political leader had.

In this webstore you will find the greatest collection of reproduced and restored ww2 posters and ww1 posters for sale on the internet, and the collection is constantly getting bigger!  The posters on display are both from the allied nations and the axis powers and on each poster we have tried to cover the political, military and moral circumstances that made up the foundation for their creation.

Propaganda was also expressed frequently in other forms such as film, magazines, music and radio casts.Propaganda films started in the 1920s, while in the newspapers, one can trace this back to the 17th century.The word propaganda were not in common use, in everyday speech, until the early 19th century, when World War I started the year 1914.

The word propaganda itself comes from Latin and means something similar to reproduce or spread. The wordis often used in political circles in order to create a public opinion. Internationally the word propaganda have a tantamount meaning, however, with certain exceptions and interpretations, e.g. in Latin American Spanish the word is often more used as advertising or commercials.

The posters were used used as propaganda in several different fields, primarily during the years 1914-1918 (world war 1) and 1939-1945 (second world war). They pleaded to the love of the father-/motherland and to help the recruitment of volunteers. They warned about spies and sabouters. They encouraged the population to support the efforts of war through increased production back home. Rousing, warmongering and idealizing propagandaposters portrayed the nations allies and emphasized that the war was being waged as modern crusade against the enemy. Other propaganda posters pointed towards the horrors the enemy made themselves guilty of or even warned for the aftermath of possible defeat and occupation. Welcome!

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"Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play."
- Joseph Goebbels
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