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About us

Who are we? 
World War Era was founded in Stockholm 2011 by three history buffs; Johan, Patric and Gustaf. Later, Nils joined our small but enthusiastic team. Together we aim to bring history to life - by offering unique posters, all printed in-house!
From left; Johan, Patric, Gustaf, Nils

Our mission
We believe historical prints and vintage posters can tell a lot about the time they were printed in and offer a unique look into another time. Whether it is a World War 2 war poster aimed at rousing the fighting spirit of the British population to a 1922 Swedish anti-prohibition poster, each print tells it's one unique story. 
History shouldn't be confined to the history books or some obscure late night documentary. It's something that impacts us on a daily basis and as the old saying goes "You have to know the past to understand the present"
Bringing history to life on the walls of your home is something we're passionate about. Not only because history is something we love, but we also believe posters can be something more than a minimalistic quote or a black and white photo of an old movie star.
Posters can be a conversation starter, a thought-provoker and something that moves you. A window to the past.
Your walls deserves better. Welcome to World War Era and check out our great collections of vintage posters and prints. If you like history in general and vintage posters in particular then follow us on Instagram 
Frame history. 
How we work - production and shipping
Our main mission is to seek out and find vintage posters and restore them to mint condition for you as customer to get a pieace of histury for your wall. Below you find "before and after pictures" of a couple of posters that we have fixed and restored:

vintage Airplane show malmen
Airplane show poster malmen Restored
We print and cut using equipment from Canon and Rotatrim - the leaders in their respective field. All posters are printed on Hahnemühle 210 gramme matte paper for perfect colours and an incredible depth.
For shipping, we pack your poster in a sturdy paper roll to avoid damages.
Your order will then be delivered to your front door using UPS - always fully traceable!