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Sustainability - We support reforestation

We at WorldWarEra like forest because it gives us the conditions, and has given us the conditions historically, to produce art on posters. All posters are printed on paper that we all know comes from fibers from trees. We want you to feel that when you buy posters or wall art from us that you can do this with a clean conscience, that you give back to nature. Below you can read about our work and which project we are currently supporting.

Picture of reforestation

This year we support certified projects in Panama where rainforest is restored to its original natural condition. Projects aim to reverse the deforestation trend, replant the region's natural forests and strengthen the ecosystem. The project plants and protects more than 1.9 million trees.

It is important that we continue to live off the interest of the assets, which in this case is the forest, and not cut down on the assets. That's why we want to give back and work sustainably, so we can all continue to enjoy newly produced historic vintage posters and wall art.
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