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You CAN crack that tank! Poster - World War Era

You CAN crack that tank! Poster

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  • You CAN crack that tank!
  • American instruction poster
  • Year: 1943
  • Artist: Unknown

The story of this poster

A very instructive and interesting print! Originally printed as part of the "Army Orientation Course" on the back of a Newsmap in 1943, intended for the American soldier. The myth of "invincibile" German tanks could pose a threat towards the soldiers' eagerness to fight. It shows a step by step instruction on how to tackle an enemy tank:

1. Button him up with accurate rifle fire!
2. Then blind him with disabling fire towards perscope and slits!
3. Duck! Don't run! Hide and disable it with a petrol bomb!

The tank depicted is the PzKfW III ausf. G, a fairly interesting choice by the artist given that there was quite a few more potent tanks on the front by 1943. However it was still successfully used by the Germans in for example the command and/or recon role. 

A unique print that you will be alone among your friends to have on the wall! 


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