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We will Stand Up for Leningrad! Poster - World War Era

We will Stand Up for Leningrad! Poster

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  • We'll Stand Up for Leningrad! (Встаньте в Ленинградская!)
  • Soviet WWII poster
  • Year: 1941
  • Artist: Unknown

The story of this poster
With the launch of Operation Barbarossa by the Germans in June 1941, the Soviet Union entered World War II. Early in the war against Russia Leningrad got under seige and was so for a very long time, which lead to a catastrophy for the people in the city, they starved and many people died from the tons of bombs and artillery that the city had to endure.

The posters started be printed to encourage the Russian people to stand up for Leningrad and endure the sige. Битва под Ленинградская!

Always at World War Era

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