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Unificación - U.G.T. Poster - World War Era

Unificación - U.G.T. Poster

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  • Unificación - U.G.T.
    Eng - "Unification - U.G.T."
  • Spanish civil war poster
  • Year: 1936-37
  • Artist: Vicente Canet Cabellón

The story of this poster
A stylish propaganda poster for the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War. U.G.T. stands for Unión General de Trabajadores (Workers General Union) and has historically been close to the Socialist Party.

During the war, a number of different trade unions came to be powerful parts of the Republican army. U.G.T. tried to act as a unifying force for all the different unions, something that they only partially succeeded with. It proved difficult to unite everything from anarcho-syndicalists, Moscow-loyal Stalinists, Social Democrats, right-center liberals and others. At the end, the poor coordination of forces proved an disaster, causing the Republican side to loose the war against Franco's alliance of right-wing forces.

The poster shows a soldier in the U.G.T. held in a total of six different flags - all symbolizing different trade unions , with the U.G.T. as a unifying factor.

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