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Study History Poster - World War Era

Study History Poster

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  • Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft.
  • British quote poster
  • Year: 2020
  • Artist: World War Era

The story of this poster

The vintage poster depicts Winston Churchill (1874-1965) he was Britain's prime minister during the Second World War, former journalist and also artist. He became a symbol of the British people's will to fight against Nazi Germany during WW2. Churchill is also known for his art of speech and his authorship and was awarded the 1953 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Churchill used early radio as a propaganda means to reach out to the British people. Especially during the Second World War when his famous radio speech became of great importance to the British people's war efforts and fighting spirit.

Churchill's politics during World War II were based on close collaboration with Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States, but he also included Josef Stalin and the Soviet Union to win the war.

After the Second War, Churchill was leader of the opposition for a few years, but after the 1951 election he regained his post of prime minister. His foreign policy goal was to create Western European cooperation as a counterbalance to the Eastern bloc. Moreover, it was Churchill who coined the term "iron curtain", which refers to the hard-guarded border line, which during the Cold War separated the communist-controlled Eastern Europe from Western Europe.

Churchill withdrew from politics in 1955, but remained a member of the lower house until his death.

The background to the quote itself in the picture was that Winston Churchill told American President's speechwriter James Humes when the latter was a teenager. “Study history, study history. In history, all the secrets of government work lie. "

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