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Hejda demonens framfart! - World War Era

Hejda demonens framfart!

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  • Hejda demonens framfart!
  • Eng. "Stop the Demon's progress"
  • Swedish poster
  • Year: 1925
  • Artist: Paul Myrén

The story of this poster

This fiery poster illustrates the havoc caused by fire on the loose. It was issued by the Swedish Fire Protection Association to inform the public of the heavy toll the "Fire demon" takes on a yearly basis.

The demon holds a sign that reads: "The demon of fire kills 50 people and destroy values of 40-50 million crowns each year in Sweden".

Swedish Fire Protection Association is still active today and aims to achieve a more fire proof society by the means of information and education. Since there's a strong incentive by the insurance companies they support the association financially.

Always at World War Era

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