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Many new vintage poster arrivals during the summer

We at WorldWarEra have the good news that our work to find new vintage items motifs has finally paid off. We have now published almost 40 new poster motifs during the summer and we have.. *drum vortex*.. 100s of new ones ready for publishing!

Our vision has always been to be more than just another poster store online, we want to be a living museum, which keeps alive, this almost forgotten, art form of posters. We want to keep history alive through posters. We also want to preserve history by finding more or less forgotten motifs, restoring them from worn condition to mint condition. Then everyone can take part this, by framing a piece of history and hang our historic vintage posters on the walls.

In this way, all these historical events and artists will never be forgotten, we at WorldWarEra think that is good and something that is worth fighting for. #framehistory

We look forward to the autumn with many more poster motif coming up.
You will find all our new arrivals here: NEW VINTAGE POSTERS

/Johan @WorldWarEra