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Swedish soldiers Gotland poster - World War Era

Swedish soldiers Gotland poster

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  • Swedish soldiers from the Gotland Infantry Regiment (I 27)
  • Swedish soldiers, WW1, Gotland Infantry, mobilization poster
  • Year: 1915
  • Artist: Måns Birger Bruzelius (colorized by Julius Jääskeläinen)

The story of this poster

Swedish soldiers from the Gotland Infantry Regiment (I 27) getting their photograph taken by Måns Birger Bruzelius while on guard duty along the coast, Gotland c.1915

In August 1914, all hell broke loose on the continent, declarations of war hailed between the capitals of the great powers and soon the First World War was a reality. The Swedish government immediately declared Sweden neutral in the conflict but also summoned their people to the country's defense. This was also the case for the island of Gotland, the church bells rang for mobilization. The months passed and eventually people began to breathe, the war did not seem to spread to the north. Engagement between German and Russian naval forces occurred around the baltic sea. Shipping was undoubtedly affected and occasional mines began to float ashore and then there was the time when the German SMS Albatross ran aground in Gotland’s waters 1915 after the Battle of Åland Islands. Otherwise there was relative calm on the island.

Photograph taken by Måns Birger Bruzelius and was provided Swedish National Archives - Regional State Archives in Visby. (Riksarkivet - Landsarkivet i Visby)

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