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Hjelpen Fra England Poster - World War Era

Hjelpen Fra England Poster

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  • H7jelpen Fra England
  • Eng - "The "help" from England
  • Norwegian WWII poster
  • Year: 1941
  • Artist: Harald Damsleth

The story of this poster

Norwegian propaganda poster from WWII and the by Germany occupied Norway. The poster was created by order from the ruling nazi-party Nasjonal Samling (NS). An anti-allied poster from WWII.

The motif is most likely meant to depict one of the small fishing villages around Narvik that were completely destroyed by the British naval artillery during the landings. It cost the lives of many civilians, however the British felt it was a necessary evil in order to minimize the strength of opposition formed by General Dietls German defenders from the 3rd Gebirgsjäger division.

The symbol "H7" is the monogram of King Haakon VII, that fled to England when the war started.

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