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Gör din Plikt Teckna på Försvarslånet Poster - World War Era

Gör din Plikt Teckna på Försvarslånet Poster

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  • Gör din plikt.. teckna på försvarslånet

Eng. "Do your duty.. sign on the defense loan"

  • Swedish military poster
  • Year: 1940
  • Artist: Unknown

The story of this poster

Defense loan / War bonds
To finance the military build and mobilization and Sweden's preparedness during world war two, a large amount of funding was needed. The state solved this by issuing defense bond loans with common people as a target group.

The first loan was put into effect on April 29, 1940. On the same day, Finance Minister Ernst Wigfors gave a speech to the nation urging the Swedish people to sign defense bonds. Wigfors mentioned in the speech that "the taxes, or even increased taxes, were not enough to fund the preparedness". He asked the entire Swedish people, especially those who normally did not invest money in bonds to do so.

It turned out that the Swedish people obeyed this appeal from the state and showed a very great willingness to sacrifice. By the end of the first financing round, bonds for 794 million had been sold.

After that came more defense loans and more advertising campaigns. The poster was one of those launched in the first defense loan campaign and featured a soldier appealing to the people to do their duty and buy defense bonds. The campaign was successful and this poster was probably one of the contributing reasons for the success.

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