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Fokker Schwerin Poster - World War Era

Fokker Schwerin Poster

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  • Fokker Schwerin
  • German WWI poster
  • Year: 1916
  • Artist: Unknown

History of the poster

German propaganda and commercial poster for the world-famous aircraft manufacturer Fokker Schwerin from the year 1916, hence a WW1 (First World War) Aviation Poster. It shows a German pilot flying the well known Fokker planes. The manufacturer Fokker was originally from the Netherlands but later moved its' factories to Schwerin, Germany - hence the name "Fokker Schwerin".

Fokker was the first manufacturer who came up with the ingenious synchronisation invention that enabled machine guns to be fired between the blades of the propeller without risk of damaging and potentially destroying the plane.

Also note the award "Pour Le Merite" in the top left corner that only was given to the elite of the German aircraft aces.

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