Eslöfs Bryggeri Öl Poster - World War Era

Eslöfs Bryggeri Öl Poster

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  • Eslöfs Bryggeris Öl
    Eng. "Eslöfs Brewery's beer - Eslföfs beer is excellent"
  • Swedish beer poster
  • Year: 1896
  • Artist: Carl Westman (1866 - 1936)

The history of the poster

Eslöfs Brewery was founded in 1882 by Christian E. Nilsson, better known as the King of Eslöv. He started as a navvy at the emerging railroad in the late 1800s, then became a restaurateur, builder, hotel owner and leading politician before starting Skåne's largest brewery, Eslöfs Brewery.

Artist Carl Westman has made this fine poster as an advertisement for Eslöf's brewery, it depicts a group of older gentlemen toasting in full pints of beer, while in the background we see a waitress rice, carrying away empty glasses.

Artist Carl Westman has managed to get a self-portrait in the right corner of the poster. Westman was an educated architect and best known for his work Stockholm City Hall. He also drew cartoons for the magazine Strix, just like the artist Albert Engström, but his head work under his life was architecture and he has been the creator of many well-known buildings, primarily in Stockholm with surroundings.

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