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We are expanding our vintage collection!

Hello everyone, Now we are expanding our collection of posters!

The weight in our range has so far been on war propaganda, now the emphasis will be on historical posters and vintage posters, generally those that tickle the eye and the mind. The years we are talking about are around 1850 to 1950 and can be anything from; advertising posters, sports posters, motor posters, fashion posters, beer posters, wine posters, travel posters and of course we will also continue to fill the collection with military history posters and propaganda.

This is a venture we are making now and hope everyone will find something that suits their taste.

We are passionate about history, especially historical posters and art, if you have posters/pictures that you want to share with us, please contact us info@worldwarera.com we are always interested in new high resolution pictures and images!


/ WorldWarEra Crew