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New Year's Chronicle - WorldWarEra

2020 is history, now we go into a brighter 2021!

First of all, at World War Era we want to thank everyone who bought our historical posteers and wall art during the year! It is you customers who make it possible for us to run this small "online museum" further. A Big Big Thank You! We now hope that you enjoy your acquired old-fashioned historical vintage art.

To summarize the year

A lot has happened at World War Era in 2020, for many this has been a difficult and tough year in different ways, but we at World War Era have struggled at full throttle and have, fortunately, not felt the pandemic significantly. Quite the opposite actually, as people around the world have had time to review their homes, and discovered that history has its place on the walls. Think how many beautiful and interesting posters and photos that have been created throughout history, and how many are not available to the public to take part of? This is where World War Era come into the picture; by searching, finding and restoring these old pictures/wall art and making them available to you. We think this is a way to keep the history alive and can almost be compared to a museum, as we always make sure that you not only buy a poster, but also the story behind it.

During the year, we have been able to replenish with many brand new freshly restored motifs and increase the collection with 100+ posters. We have also started cool collaborations with some really talented colorizers, they colorize old historical photos that now are available in our online store.

The online store has received a real facelift and we have also increased the number of followers in social media, which of course, we think, is super fun! It shows that many are interested in history out there and like what we are doing. We have also had time to launch frames to increase the service, it should be easy to hang something on the wall, remove hassle with frame purchases, pruning and the framing process itself. We solve it!

Now we are entering 2021 where our goal is to add even more motifs and collaborations, we will focus on getting many more vintage posters and we want your help! What motives do you feel we should focus on? what do you want that we do not have today? Feel free to send us an e-mail, give us suggestions for historical motifs, pictures, and walla art that we do not have today that you would like to see in our online stores collections. If you do not already follow us on Instagram, do so to get even more "historical" news and other good info about what is happening at World War Era.

Last but not least .. we also want to take the opportunity to make a shoutout and give a heavenly mass creds to everyone who works in healthcare this year in the war against corona! To quote an old historical profile that can be seen on some of our motifs in the store: "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few." Winston Churchill.

/ World War Era Crew