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Flight on Malmen Poster - World War Era

Flight on Malmen Poster

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  • Flygningar å Malmen 16-18 juni 1911 - Stor Fest!

    Eng. Flight on Malmen June 16-18, 1911 - Great Party!

  • Swedish Flight Show Poster
  • Year: 1911
  • Artist: Unknown - printed by Linköpings Lith. AB

History of the poster

It was with this poster that the first flights at Malmen in Linköping started. The popular and well-known Flight Baron, whom free lord Carl Cederström was called, made his shows and took the aviation into the heart of the people. Baron Carl Cederström was a Jack of all trades and had learned to fly in France. He got the first Swedish flight certificate, aviator diploma no. 1, in 1910.

On June 16, 1911 At 7:45 p.m. the Flying Baron lifted from the ground in front of an audience of several thousand spectators. This phenomenon, with the most modern means of transport of the time, where a succee and The following year, 1912, Cederström founded a flying school in Malmen with three aircraft initially.

The aviation department within the field Telegraph forces was transferred to Malmen and became a so-called detachment to Ing 3.

The military flight began its history at Malmen. Two large tents were to act as hangars for the military flights. The Swedish Air Force started in 1926 by merging the Army and Navy aircraft. The following year, 1927, the first permanent hangar at Malmen was built in concrete. It was exactly the same as the hangar at Ljungbyhed from the same year.

From the start there were double decks like Albatross and Tummelisa. Both can be viewed at the Air Force Museum in Malmen Sweden. From 1955-65 the fighter jet J29 Tunnan was stored in the hangar. Then, until 1974, the J35 Dragon was placed in the hangar that could hold ten or eleven aircraft simultaneously.

The poster is printed in original at Linköping Lith. AB and invites in a colorful way to the flight Baron Carl Cederström's unforgettable flights on Malmen, which were organized by the Scandinavian aviatics company. Source: Fortfikationsverket

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