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Don't Waste Bread! Poster - World War Era

Don't Waste Bread! Poster

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  • Don't Waste Bread! Save two thick slices every day, and Defeat the 'U' Boat
  • Brittish WWI poster
  • Year: 1917
  • Artist: Unknown

History of the poster

The German U-Boat campaign in 1917 brought decreased shipments to Britain as hundreds of merchant ships carrying food and ammunition were sunk. Shortages and inflation led to higher food prices and the distribution of food was unfair.

Early 1918, meat, sugar and fat were rationed products, as a fair way to allocate food and other scarce resources amongst the population. So this WW1 poster urges the people to save bread and not to waste food. The purpose was to loosen the U-boats stranglehold on WW1 Britain and in the long run help a positive outcome of the war.

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