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Coming? - Then hurry! Poster - World War Era

Coming? - Then hurry! Poster

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  • Coming? - Then Hurry! Air crews wanted now for the R.A.A.F.
  • Australian poster
  • Year: c1940
  • Artist: Unknown

The story of this poster

A recruiting poster for the Royal Australian Air Force, R.A.A.F.

It'a clearly meant to appeal to the adventurous side of young men with a message conveying both comradery and a challenge.

What looks to be a Hawker Hurricane is seen in the background, but in a way it doesn't seem plausible since only 1 (!) Hurricane ever served in the R.A.A.F. With some imagination it could possibly be a Spitfire (though the radiator looks a bit to rounded in shape?) which were much more numerous, but then it doesn't play well with the Australian War Memorial's estimation putting this poster at ca 1940 as the first Spitfire didn't make an entrance in the R.A.A.F until 1942. A third option could be artistic freedom by the artist tasked with painting a "modern fighter plane".

Please let us know if you feel certain of what fighter it is supposed to represent!

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