Amazing Facts about ww2 jeeps
This is a school work from a fan of our website, some 12 good facts regarding the WW2 Jeeps.
Amazing models! Kampfgruppe von Abt modelling team
This site is dedicated to 1/6th scale models built by the Kampfgruppe von Abt modelling team, living in England. We are a group dedicated to producing high quality photo realistic dioramas. Our objective to is create large and small scale layouts that will appeal to like minded collectors and modellers of all ages. We hope our work can inspire others to reproduce their own favorite scenes.
German documents
Emilie Caldwell Stewarts interesting page on Third Reich documents & photos. Something for the serious collector. Don't miss out on the O.Anton originals under "Other WW2 items"!
Lists Swedish web stores!
Milweb is a really good web site if you want to sell or buy Armour and Tracked Military Vehicles!
Paul Reed's battlefields of WW2
A very interesting page where enthusiast Paul lists and tells about the european battlefields during world war 2. Well worth a visit!
Superb videocasts of Company of Heroes!
ImperialDanes very entertaining and interesting replay commentary & analysis of the Company of heroes game (The greatest RTS WW2 game out there). Highly recommended to all interested WW2 gamers!
Your guide to Swedens best web sites
The propaganda blog
The propaganda blog - the place where we analyse and interpret propaganda posters!
World War II
On Wikipedia you can find almost every fact you want to know about the second World War.
- A useful link portal that lists web shops in Sweden by branch!

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