Poster Christmas are Coming!

Poster Christmas are Coming!

Advent Calendar!
Now it's Christmas here at WorldWarEra and we've started with a Christmas calendar, where we give a 35% discount on a selected item every day until Christmas Eve. Our Christmas calendar hatches you find on WorldWarEra's account on Instagram under events, so go in and follow us on Instagram here!

Are you going to give away some nice vintage art to your fellows now at Christmas?
Then order you vintage poster as soon as possible to get delivery before Xmas!

Would also like to take the opportunity to strike a blow for our extremely popular gift card!
If you have not decided what kind of poster you want to give away as a christmas gift, then our gift card will come handy, it´s the perfect Christmas present. Let your loved ones choose posters after their own taste and choice. Here you will find the gift cards!

WorldWarEra whishes you a Merry Christmas!


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