Legal disclaimer regarding copyright: /.se sells posters/prints with art that either NO longer is covered by copyright AND / OR where the artist is unknown / anonymous and that decision due therefore presently is missing for whether or not the copyright still is valid or not, despite reasonable research efforts on part of Some motifs are also published by power or state that no longer exists, why no copyright claims exist. In addition, materials published by the U.S. Government Printing Office are in the public domain and, as such, not subject to copyright restriction. Copyright license has been procured on part for art not covered by above paragraphs. If you have any information regarding an author / artist or relatives to such with legal / creator claims please contact us so that we can make contact for a mutual agreement. 


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"It's unbelievable what one squadron of twelve aircraft did to tip the balance."
- Adolf Galland Fighter ace of the Luftwaffe (about the Me262 fighter jet)
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