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What is our business idea?

Our business is based on a genuine interest in military history. We have wide knowledge in the 1900s conflicts in general and the Second World War in particular. This global conflict was characterized largely by the political climate that then reigned. It was very much an "ideological struggle" that gave rise to a variety of cultural and military historic documents and images. Propaganda was a cornerstone in the foundation necessary to instill courage in the people, convince the public of the State's own excellence, facilitate war production, to denigrate the opposition, highlighting the enemy's brutality and moral decay, and demonstrate the right of the own struggle etc.

More than 70 years have passed since the outbreak of war in 1939 and much of this propaganda is partially forgotten, destroyed by the victorious powers or lost for various reasons.
However, the big surge of interest around World War II that have recently risen up makes the topic attractive again and many now begin to open their eyes to this aspect of the history. The events during the war would radically be changing the world and shape the future in which we now live. We believe it is of interest to preserve and popularize history from these exciting times, and that is a major contributor to this company's creation!


Why buy from WorldWarEra.com?
Apart from being the most WWII focused poster store on the web with one of the greatest ranges of World War prints for sale, we also have put eons of time into restoring the prints to mint condition. This includes removing foldmarks, tarnished and yellowish paper, coffee stains, adhesive tape marks, bringing the colours back to life etc.

The final result? The best possible quality! On top of that we will only make do with the best possible photopaper on the market to ensure that the prints will last for generations. Only the best is good enough for our customers!


Please note!

WorldWarEra.com strongly rejects racism, discrimination or any other kind of oppression that may be mediated by any prints on this page.

We have no connection to political or ideological organizations neither right or left. However, we are of the meaning that these prints are of artistic importance, and part of our shared history and therefore should be kept so that one can learn and understand from this important part of WWII.

We hereby release ourselves from any inappropriate or improper use of products available for sale on this page.

If you have comments please contact us at info@WorldWarEra.com


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"When I am right, I get angry. Churchill gets angry when he is wrong. We are angry at each other much of the time."
- Charles de Gaulle
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