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Stockholms Grand Prix 1948 Poster

Stockholms Grand Prix 1948

Long time we did post an article, so now let us dive into the history of "Grand Prix racing":

Grand Prix racing is the unofficial standard for motor racing skill and speed. While tightly interwoven with French history, a few other countries have tried to launch their own Grand Prix events. That was the case of Stockholms Grand Prix 1948.

A Grand Prix motor racing event is by all accounts a race that separates the fastest cars from the rest. Modern races are usually held on specific closed circuits, while they historically often occurred on airplane runways or open roads. The first grand prix ever was the French Grandes Épreuves in 1906. The event was designed to test out a new triangular racing circuit in the city of Le Mans, and to once and for all decide who the world’s best driver was.

The 1948 Stockholm Grand Prix was the first and only Stockholm Grand Prix. Held in accordance with Formula Two rules, Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh from the Thai royal family was officially given first place after a year of debate due to having received starting aid from Swedish Prince Bertil.