US Propaganda posters WWI - Side by side - Britannia Britain's Day

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US Propaganda posters WWI - Side by side

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"Side by side - Britannia! Britain's Day Dec. 7th 1918. mass meeting"

The poster shows Uncle Sam arm-in-arm with the mother of Britannia, closely followed by Britain's lion and the eagle of the US . A fine example of a typical propaganda poster from World War I.

The poster informs of a rally on Britain's day Dec 7th 1918, possibly to inform the public of the cooperation between the countires in the war effort.

Published: 1918

Artist: Flagg, James Montgomery

This poster is a reproduction of a carefully restored original and therefore of superb quality, printed on the best paper available on the market.

This print is available in 3 different sizes. For other sizes please contact us via for an estimate.

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