Original posters

The products listed in this category is guaranteed ORIGiNAL posters from the era and NOT reproductions.
The prices are estimates including local VAT (antiques) and sales provision. Serious bids are welcome.
Condition naturally varies and we try to be as specific as possible in our descriptions of the items.

Please be aware that freight is NOT included in the price. Please contact us before you buy to discuss the best solution. Posters without frame can normally be sent in an hard paper tube, this will be written in the product description if.
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Apotekarnes Soda drink Apotekarnes Vichy Water €240.75 Info
Apotekarnes Soda drink Apotekarnes Sockerdricka €280.88 Info
Apotekarnes Soda Apotekarnes Grappo Grape Fruit Tonic €300.94 Info
En krigsinvalidlott vinner genast En krigsinvalidlott vinner genast €100.31 Info
Albert Engstrom beer poster Albert Engstrom, Carnegie Porter €351.10 Info  buy

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