Swedish propaganda war poster - National Defence first

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Försvaret främst - Swedish vintage

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Försvaret främst
(Eng- "National Defence first")

Swedish ww1 vintage propaganda poster from 1914. Appeals to the Swedish citizens to fight for Sweden and prioritize the Swedish National Defence in these worrying times.

Sweden never participated in World War one but the threat around Europe were very much present in 1914. Therefore the Swedish military authorities did it best to inform the people regarding the eventuality that the war could come. This poster stressed that the army should be placed as the priority focus for the people and the Swedish society.

Artist: Gunnar Widholm

This poster is a reproduction of a carefully restored original and therefore of superb quality, printed on the best paper available on the market.
This print is available in 3 different sizes. For other sizes please contact us via info@WorldWarEra.com for an estimate.

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