Nordic propaganda

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The First World War did not have any appreciable dissemination of foreign propaganda in the nordic countries, as none of them were directly involved in the conflict. Instead, it was political posters and travel posters that came to characterize the period 1910-1930. While the political posters often made ​​use of scare tactics, the travel posters were more like paintings - beautiful motifs and with a simple texts to attract tourists. The political poster has retained until today, even if the messages are not the same, while the travel posters, unfortunately has been outdated and replaced by television and internet.

The Second World War, however, completely changed this order. Intensive propaganda campaigns from other states began, mainly by Germany in the occupied countries in the Nordic countries (Norway and Denmark), hoping to turn public opinion to their advantage. These campaigns were also used to get volunteers for the German armed forces (mainly the Waffen-SS). The propaganda often linked historical events and phenomenas in each country together with contemporary battles on the Eastern Front to thus obtain the individual volunteer soldier to feel an affinity to Germany and its goals with the war. While some propaganda was published by non-political state organs in these countries, they were however forced to take a pro-German stance in all its publications.

In the Nordic countries that were not occupied, all propaganda came to be subject to censorship conducted by the states, so they were not to offend Germany or the Soviet Union. This did not always work, which was perhaps most clearly shown in the opinion of Finland during the Finnish Winter War, when huge efforts were made to the cause of Finland in Sweden, while at the same time Sweden officially took a neutral position. Despite the fact that angry voices were heard from both Germany and the Soviet Union, an recruitment process for Finnish friviligkåren (The Finnish Volunteer Corps) ran openly, perhaps best shown in a number of posters calling for joining the fight for Finland - posters that you find here on WorldWarEra!

We have put enormous work and effort to locate posters from the early 1900's. Everything from military or political propaganda to travel posters -here you will find unique nordic posters which can not be found anywhere else!

All prints are carefully restored reproductions of originals and printed on the best possible poster paper on the market! We ship world wide!

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Nordic propaganda
Andra försvarslånet - Swedish WWII poster Andra försvarslånet - Swedish WWII poster €16.28 Info  buy
SKJUTSKICKLIGHET ökar värnkraften - propagandaposter Skjutskicklighet ökar värnkraften - propaganda poster €16.28 Info  buy
Enten eller - Norwegian WW2 propaganda poster Enten eller - Norwegian WW2 propaganda poster €16.28 Info  buy
Kæmp med i Waffen SS - Denmark WW2 poster Kæmp med i Waffen SS - Denmark WW2 poster €16.28 Info  buy
Kammerat - kom med - Danish WW2 propaganda Kammerat - kom med - Danish WW2 propaganda €16.28 Info
felles front mot bolsjevismen - Norwegian propaganda poster from world war II Felles front mot bolsjevismen - Norwegian propaganda poster from world war II €16.28 Info  buy
H7jelpen Fra England - Vintage Propaganda poster WWII Hjelpen Fra England -Vintage Propaganda Poster WWII €16.28 Info  buy
Alarm! Alarm! - Norwegian WW2 propaganda poster €16.28 Info  buy
propaganda poster - Germanske SS Norge Germanske SS Norge - propaganda poster €16.28 Info  buy
Mot lysere tider! Vintage propaganda Mot lysere tider! WW2 propaganda poster €16.28 Info  buy
Svensk slagkraft kräver nykterhet Svensk slagkraft kräver nykterhet - Swedish WW2 propaganda print €16.28 Info  buy
SS-skijegerbataljon Norge SS-skijegerbataljon Norge - WWII propaganda poster €16.28 Info  buy

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