Christmas again at WorldWarEra!
We celibrate Christmas with a 10% discount

Classic Black Friday deal!
WorldWarEra gives you an awesome deal on Black Friday + 3 days!

Christmas at WorldWarEra!
We celibrate Christmas with free shipping the whole month of December!

Black Friday WorldWarEra Propaganda posters
WorldWarEra gives you the best deal on Black Friday + 3 days!

Now Oktoberfest is on in Germany, Munich! We celebrate that at WorldWarEra with a little extra beer posters on the front page of the website and German travel posters.

Back at work offer!
Welcome back from summer holidays!

Christmas offer 2014!
Right now we have a Christmas offer buy 3 pay for 2 on all products!

Uniform charts: Buy 3 for 2!!!
Right now we have a tremendous offer for all products in our Uniform Category ( ). Buy 3 - only pay for 2!

WorldWarEra starts selling original/genuine vintage posters!

Olympic games special!
Right now we offer buy 3 pay for 2 on all products!

Christmas offer!
Right now we have the offer buy 3 pay for 2 on all products!

PayPal now accepted!

Poster at Stockholm Beer & Whisky festival

Special offer on Albert Engstroms classical crayfish poster!
Right now! Special offer for Albert Engström classic poster - "No! Crayfish demands these spirits!" Perfect for crayfish partys ..

New products!
New posters now avalible!

worldwarera is negotiating
WorldWarEra has started discussions with the cultural sector to make propaganda posters more available for the society...

Your opinion counts!
We seek views from our customers and visitors!

New travel posters in the shop!


Interior inspiration!
Some inspiration for you to see how our posters look on the walls!

WorldWarEra on Flickr!

Vintage advertising posters!
Now, vintage advertising posters in the store!

Satisfied customers! thanks our satisfied customers!

Gift certificates in store! now offer gift certificates!

Behind the scenes of
See what happens behind the scenes of!

Military fair Solna 12th nov! are present at the Military fair in Solna!

New products! launches new products!

YouTube launch! launched its first vid on YouTube!

Tank museum in Strängnäs, Sweden! was not going to miss the grand opening of Swedens new military vehicle museum!

Tip from WorldWarEra!
We would like to tip you about one of the best documentary productions of WW2 ever made. delivers to filmmakers! delivered the other day a quantity of posters for a film set.

You can now pay with Credit card!
Now you can make your payments with credit card and the web shop is now officially opened!

Credit card paymets will soon be up and running!
We have received confirmation that the credit card will soon serve as a means of payment, making purchases easier!

Webstore now open!
The interest at our table was at the military fair in Stockholm was great, and we would like to thank all the friendly and talkative customers that visited us! Thank you and welcome to our newly open webstore!

Military fair, Stockholm Solna are present at the military fair in Sthlm Solna. Meet us there on sunday 27/3-11!

Countdown has commenced!
Within days it will be time for the grand opening of when we open the doors and activate the webstore!!!

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