Kammerat - kom med - Danish WW2 propaganda

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Kammerat - kom med - Danish WW2 propaganda

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"Kammerat - kom med" Værn dit Hjem mod Bolchevismen - Kæmp med i SS-division Viking.

(eng. - "Comrade - join us. Protect your home against the bolshevism - Fight with us in SS-division Viking")

Danish recruitment poster for the Waffen SS division "Wiking", that besides germans, also accepted nordic and dutch volunteers to their ranks.

The poster uses the usual tactic of appealing the danes to defend their country against "Bolshevism", but in German uniform. This can be seen through the use of a Danish flag with the SS runes.

Publishing year is probably 1941.

This poster is a reproduction of a carefully restored original and therefore of superb quality, printed on the best paper available on the market.

This print is available in 2 different sizes. For other sizes please contact us via info@WorldWarEra.com for an estimate.

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I have been looking for this poster a long time, finally I found it! Thanks :)
- Jens, Copenhagen (2012-04-09 23:41:05)

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