Hold the German beasts at bay! Destroy Hitler's army - it can be and shall be done

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Bay German beasts! Destroy Hitler's army

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бей немецких зверей!

уничтожить гитлеровскую армию - можно и должно.
(Eng. "Hold the German beasts at bay! Destroy Hitler's army - it can be and shall be done.")

Soviet propaganda poster from 1943, designed to raise the morale of the front units.

During 1942-1943, the Soviet army started to encounter new german armored vehicles, which with heavy weaponry and armor was considered unbeatable. Soviet soldiers watched in fear how their armor-piercing weapons did not do any damage against the German tanks, something that was devastating both strategically and for morale.

To counter this threat, new tank models where devoloped, heavily armed to defeat the German tanks. First out was the ISU-152 which actually was supposed to act as self-propelled artillery, but that also proved to be effective against armor.

The germans named their vehicles after animals (Tiger, Hummel, Elephant, etc.), so the ISU-152 came to be known as the beast killer "Zveroboy".

On this poster, this is illustrated clearly with an lion impaled by a Russian bayonet, a dig against German tanks, which was named after big cats. In the foreground, a knocked out German Tiger tank seen.

Artist: Victor S. Klimashin (Климашин Виктор Семенович), 1943

This poster is a reproduction of a carefully restored original and therefore of superb quality, printed on the best paper available on the market.

This print is available in 3 different sizes. For other sizes please contact info@WorldWarEra.com for an estimate.

Nice poster and fun to read the background to this poster, an order will be placed shortly!
- Adam (2012-04-14 02:02:12)

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