Dish it out with the Navy! - Choose now while you can - USA propaganda

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Dish it out with the Navy! US Propaganda

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"Dish it out with the Navy! - Choose now while you can - Go to your nearest Navy recruting station today"

American WW2 propaganda poster from 1942.
The image have a clear message, join the Navy today! The Navy needed more men during this time of the Second World War due to the recent war against Japan and the constant escorting duties of transatlantic convoys.

This propaganda poster shows Navy sailors operating a large gun.

Published: 1942

Artist: Barclay McClelland

This poster is a reproduction of a carefully restored original and therefore of superb quality, printed on the best paper available on the market.

This print is available in 2 different sizes. For other sizes or other backfround colour please contact for an estimate.

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